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Mega Yachts

General Shipping S.A. undertakes the execution of Aluminum and steel works, Blasting-Painting of external and internal areas (i.e ballast tanks), Protection of sensitive areas (i.e cabins, teak corridors), installation of permanent ballast where required etc.

Mega Yacht ''MARYAH''
Mega Yacht ''MARYAH''
Mega Yacht-Scaffolding for Maintenance
Mega Yacht ''Moonlight II''
Mega Yacht -External Hull-Hydroblasting
Equipment for Tank coating purposes
Arrangement of equipment on pier
Mega Yacht-Protection of exposed decks
Mega Yacht-Application of Coppercoat
Mega yacht-Docking Services
Mega Yacht ''MARYAH''
Mega Yacht-Painting of Confined spaces
Mega Yacht-Painting of internal areas
Mega Yacht-Permanent ballast installation
Mega Yacht-Painting of engine room areas
Mega Yacht ''Moonlight II''-Perama area
M/Y ''Moonlight II''- Painting of Underwater Area
M/Y ''Moonlight II''-Before Launching
M/Y ''MARYAH''-General View
M/Y ''MARYAH''- General  View
Mega Yacht - Grit blasting of new Block
Mega Yacht - Painting of  the new Aft Block
Mega Yacht - Before new Block's Fitting.
Mega Yacht - Fitting of the new aft block.
Mega Yacht-Treatment of  Superstructures 
Mega Yacht-Aluminum Structure.
Mega Yacht -Gritblasting of internal areas.
Mega Yacht - Painting of internal areas.
M/Y''MOONLIGHT II''-Painting Underwater Area.
M/Y ''MOONLIGHT II''-Underwater Area.
M/Y''MOONLIGHT II''-Painting of E/R area.
M/Y''MOONLIGHT II''-General View.
M/Y ''AL MIRQAB''- Repairs in Greece
M/Y ''AL MIRQAB''-Tankcoating works.
M/Y ''AL MIRQAB''-Tankcoating equipment
M/Y ''AL MIRQAB''-Tankcoating works
M/Y ''Navtilvs''-Mole of DEI
M/Y''Navtilvs''- Maintenance Works_Equipment
M/Y''XANA''-Perama Area
M/Y''XANA''-Maintenance Works

...for over 45 years

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