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Since its established in 1971 and for almost 50 years , General Shipping S.A. has built a solid reputation on Protection of metallic Surfaces & Tankcoating Application Services. The depth knowledge, in combination with the challenging demand in the field of Tankcoating services of the Product & Chemical's carriers, is the key for General Shipping's success.

General Shipping S.A. can undertake a broad range of maintenance projects such as Gritblasting, Painting, Hydroblasting, Gas-Free cleaning and Scaffolding. Maintenance projects have been carried out in all vessel's parts, as well as, in Industry and Refineries regions, according to the International Standards.

A highlight in General Shipping's recent development is the upgrading and the new project that has implemented for the Hellenic Navy. General Shipping S.A. was the exclusive contractor for blasting/painting works regarding the new Submarines series(Class Type 214).

The latest technology is incorporated with GENERAL SHIPPING's philosophy, by using its own, update modern and highly suitable equipment and in combination with the skilled personnel, gives to GENERAL SHIPPING SA the ability, to perform internal Gritblasting/Painting works (TANKCOATING), under optimal and controlled climatically condition. Atmospheric conditions in enclosed-confined spaces are controlled/regulated with our own Dust Collectors Unit's, which eliminate the Air Pollution (environmental friendly operation) and ensures good working conditions for our staff.

The company's experience, well-skilled certified employees and General Shipping Quality Control department, help us to achieve High Quality results in Protection of Metallic Surfaces & Tankcoating Application Services. For many years GENERAL SHIPPING S.A., has been serviced and carried out repairs in ships for both Greek and international companies. Many Reference letters submitted from these companies are self speaking for our organization and our workforce.

Protection of Metallic Surfaces & Tankcoating Application Services of GENERAL SHIPPING S.A. have been recently certified by ABS QE with ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 updated standards.

...for over 45 years

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