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Cargo Hold Coating

At some stage in the service life of a bulk carrier the Cargo Holds need to be recoated. General Shipping S.A , ensures the well performance of any Cargo Hold coating by using its own modern and certified equipment such as: Scaffolding, Cherry Pickers, Hydro-blasting, Gritblasting and Painting equipment.

M/V ''ALKYON''-Cargo Holds.
Certified Cherry Pickers.
Cargo Holds-H.P.F.W
Cargo Holds-H.P.F.W
Cargo Hold - Final condition
Cargo Hold - Final condition
Cargo hold coating - equipment
Cargo hold - stripe coating
Cargo hold -gritblasting procedure
Cargo hold coating
Cargo hold coating -side shell frames
Cargo hold -spot gritblasting
Cargo hold - touch up & full coating
Q.C inspection of  painted areas
Cargo hold -prior treatment
Cargo hold coating -equipment

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