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Ballast Tank Coating

The quality and longevity of coatings depend primarily on the treatment of steel surfaces and on the prevailing conditions during the application. Ballast tanks of bulk carriers or OBOs are known to be the most susceptible to corrosion and are thus of prime concern. General Shipping's treatment and coating quality provide long term protection on all surfaces areas.

Ballast Tank Prior Treatment
Ballast Tank After Treatment
Ballast Tank Coating - Stripe Coat
Q.C of grit blasted areas- Bresle Test
Ballast Tank Coating
Ballast Tank Coating
Ballast Tank Coating
Ballast Tank Coating
Ballast Tank Condition prior treatment
Ballast tank condition after treatment
Condition after 1st Coat -Stripe
Ballast Tank Coating
Top Side Tank after Grit Blasting
Top Side Tank - Stripe Coat
Top Side Tank - Stripe Coat
D.B.T  Condition prior treatment
D.B.T Condition after 1st Coat -Stripe
Side Ballast Tank - prior treatement
Side Ballast Tank - Final Condition
Ballast Tank Coating
Ballast tank prior treatement
Ballast tank area after Spot-Gritblasting
Ballast tank after 1st Coat Spot-Application
Ballast tank after 2nd Final coat
Ballast Tank prior treatment
Ballast Tank after treatment.
Ballast tank-1st Coat and Stripe coat
Ballast tank-Final Condition-check.

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